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About Panipat

Panipat Distt. came into existence on 1st November, 1989. Prior to it Panipat was a part of distt. Kamal. Earlier it was narrated that "PANIPAT" village was amongst the five villages which were demanded by LORD KRISHNA from DURYODHANA during MAHABHARAT. Lateran, it came to be known as PANIPAT. Panipat has its importance due to THREE BATTLES which were fought, first between IBRAHIM LODHI and BABAR in the year 1526, Second between AKBAR & HEMU in the year 1556 and the third and final battle between the AHAMAD SHAH ABDALI and MARATHAS in the year 1761. There was a special contribution of the people of Panipat in the Independence movement. In 1857, 16 villages of Naultha area declined to pay revenue to the British Rulers. They had also planned to murder the Collector of Panipat. The freedom fighters of this region had also snatched city Samalkha from the British Rulers. The Grave of KALANDER SHAH was the place of activities of the freedom fighters. Following are some of the important historical places in Panipat: -

THE GRAVE OF IBRAHIM LODHI- When Ibrahim Lodhi died in the year 1526 in the war, he was buried at the War- Field. This place is located near the Tehsil area, Panipat.


KALA AMB- This place is 8 K.M. away from Panipat city a historic war took place between AHAMAD SHAH ABDALI and MARATHAS SARDAR SHIV RAM BHAU. In this war MARA THAS were defeated badly. It was stated during the war, that due to heavy flow of blood of human beings, a MANGO TREE lost its original colour and got converted in to a DARK (BLACK) colour one. This place has been developed as a WAR-HERO MEMORIAL by the State Govt.


DEVI TALAB- This pond (talab) was constructed by MARATHA SARDAR MANGAL RAGHU NATH JI who settled at Panipat after the MARA THA WAR.


TOMB OF BOO-ALI-SMB-KALANDER- This Tomb is 700 years old and was built by the Sons of ALLAUDIN-KHlLZI.

KABOOL-BAGH- A garden by the name of KABOOL BAGH was laid by BABAR when he was become victorious in the war in memory of his BEGUM MUSSAMMA T -KABULI- BEGAM.

SALARGANG GATE- This imposing gate is situated in the middle of the city and was built by NAWAB SALARGANG.


Following are three tourist complexes in Panipat:-

1. Sky Lark Complex, Near GT Road.

2. Blue-Jay At Samalkha.

3. Kala-Aamb Complex at Sanoli-Road.

During the days of terrorism in neighboring State Punjab, several Industrialists of handloom industry from Ludhiyana shifted their business at Panipat and later on after normalcy were restored in Punjab; some of them went back to their State. Panipat has become an important Handloom Industrial Distt. In the North Zone after Ludhiyana (Punjab). Now days, Panipat is well known all over the world for its exports of handloom products to all parts of the globe. There are two Sub-Divisions in Distt. Panipat i.e. Panipat Sub-Division, Samalkha Sub-Division and five Blocks. There are two Municipal Committees and five Market Committees and total of 199 villages and 164 Gram Panchayats. There are 9 Police Stations in this District.


Total area of District Panipat is 1300.38 Sq.K.M.




 There are nine police Stations are functioning  in this district: The detail of which is as under:-

1.    PS  City, Panipat

2.    PS  Sadar, Panipat

3.    PS  Model Town, Panipat

4.    PS  Quilla. Panipat

5.    PS  Chandni Bagh

6.    PS  Matlauda

7.    PS  Samalkha

8.    PS  Israna

9.    PS  Bapoli

10.  PS  Sanoli

11.  Women Police Station

12.  PS Traffic, Babarpur, Panipat


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